February 23, 2024

APACER AS2280Q4 NVMe SSD Review in Spanish

On this occasion, we present the detailed analysis of the unit APACER AS2280Q4 NVMe SSD from 1TB, which we will submit to rigorous tests in our specialized bench to SSDs. APACER has consolidated its presence as a recognized brand, especially in the Southeast Asia region (BE), and it is gradually making inroads in our area. Its product line is diverse, and the model AS2280Q4 it is designed to serve the needs of the mainstream segment of SSDs. We recommend reading both the technical section to understand its specifications, as well as reviewing the benchmark results and the final analysis of the product, which we have prepared in detail.

The APACER AS2280Q4 unit has been sampled (no return) thanks to APACER.

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APACER AS2280Q4 NVMe SSD 1TB (MAP1602-C) - Specifications

One of the first considerations when analyzing an SSD drive is to examine its components. After a conversation with an APACER representative for the Latin American region, it was confirmed that this model presents several variations in terms of components, under the single name of AS2280Q4. Each of these variations should offer similar performance to what the company promotes.

In the case of the unit provided by APACER, it was identified as incorporating the MAP1602-C controller and 3D TLC memories (according to marketing information), with the part number HGCD02CE46924. Although there is information about the driver, not much information has been found online about NAND memories. A scant volume of data was found to suggest that the NAND flash comes from Chinese manufacturer Yangtze Memory Technologies (YMT), a name that might sound familiar when it comes to NAND Flash news from the company and Apple. No substantial information could be found on whether these NANDs are from the manufacturer's 2D TLC generation 3 or 3.

As far as the driver is concerned, there is more information out there and it is known to have been used in other NVMe SSD products by different manufacturers. The MAP1602-C controller is produced by Maxio Technology, another Chinese company that has entered the market segment with entry-level and mid-range products, and its MAP1602-C controller is one of the fundamental components of this strategy.

The MAP1602-C controller operates on 4 lanes and uses PCIe Gen 4 technology. It is error-correcting (ECC) and reaches theoretical speeds of up to 7400 MB/s read and 6500 MB/s write. It is relevant to mention that this controller does not have cache support (DRAM), which leads to a partial dependence on HMB (Host Memory Buffer) technology to optimize its performance.

APACER markets these drives (AS2280Q4) in capacities ranging from 500 GB to 2 TB, with advertised speeds of up to 5000 MB/s read and 4400 MB/s write. According to the manufacturer, the 1TB drive comes with a 3-year warranty or up to 1650TB of TBW (Terabytes Written), which is known as the estimated write life of the drive.

Unboxing and Pictures - APACER AS2280Q4 NVMe SSD 1TB

Benchmarks - Storage

Contrary to popular belief, most storage benchmarks are mostly synthetic and do not accurately reflect performance in real-world usage situations, due to variability in individual user usage patterns.

Does not exist a single test that can replicate actual usage in a comprehensive manner; however, these benchmarks are used to provide a reference to the potential performance of the product during testing.

Out of all the tests, PCMark 10 (Storage Benchmark) is considered the most representative, on which we will base our evaluation of the actual performance of a storage device for daily use, although it does not cover all possible scenarios.

For the average gaming-focused user, this test best simulates everyday use.

We have incorporated and updated several benchmarks in our SSD test suite, including the load time of the demo of FFXIV and the latest version of CDM 8, among others.

Below is the list of benchmarks that we will use:

-ATTO Disk Benchmark
-AS SSD Benchmark
-Anvil Storage Utilities
-Black Magic Disk Tester
-FFXIV Demo- Loading Time
-PCMark10 (Storage Benchmark)
-3DMark Storage Benchmark

Benchmark (for storage reviews)

CPU: Intel Core i9-13900K (Power Limiters Disabled) (https://amzn.to/3X53WQS)
Board: Z790 AORUS ELITE AX (BIOS F6) (https://amzn.to/3ClPWde)
RAM: G.Skill Flare X5 Series (AMD Expo) 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR5 6000 CL36-36-96 (https://amzn.to/3Z8g45y)
T.video: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition (Link: https://amzn.to/3Pe4Vx6)
Operating system: Windows 11 Home Edition 22H2 – VBS OFF
Liquid refrigeration: Lian Li Galahad 360 (https://amzn.to/3jMvNXO)
SSD: Addlink S70 1TB + TeamGroup MP34 4TB SSD (https://amzn.to/3PuIAvX)
Driver: NVIDIA Driver
Power supply: Seasonic Prime Gold 1300W (https://amzn.to/3Qd102w)

APACER AS2280Q4 CrystalDiskInfo

CrystalDisk Mark 8

CrystalDiskMark has undergone a major update and we are currently on version 8 of this tool. As is customary with every new iteration of CrystalDiskMark, making comparisons with previous versions might be inappropriate in most cases. In CrystalDiskMark version 8, in addition to the standardized tests, new test profiles have been added specifically for NVMe solid-state drives. Precisely, we are using one of these profiles to carry out our benchmark tests on this occasion.

AS2280Q4 CrystalDiskMark


ACT Disk Benchmark


AS SSD benchmark

APACER AS2280Q4 AS SSD Benchmark

Anvil Storage Utilities

APACER AS2280Q4 Anvil Storage


APACER AS2280Q4 Aja Video Tester

Black Magic Disk Tester

FFXIV Demo - Loading Time

APACER AS2280Q4 1TB FFXIV Loading Time

PCMark10 (Storage Benchmark)

PCMark10 it is the closest test to what an average user can do in real life. PCMark 10 Full Storage has several traces of different types of usage, such as OS loads, Adobe loads, games, file copying, and more. We will be looking at each of these results in more detail.

It also offers a final scorebandwidth (MB/s) y latency (µs). This quiz takes about an hour and I will do three strokes per activity (23 categories, 69 quizzes total).

3DMark Storage Benchmark


The stress test we use to measure temperatures is a torture test using CrystalDisk Mark 8 for an extended period of time. We then take the highest temperature during the test and check the ambient temperature as well.

APACER AS2280Q4 Temperatures

APACER AS2280Q4 1TB (MAP1602-C)
(Ambient temperature: 21.4 degrees Celsius)

 (Maximum temperature) Degrees Celsius
With motherboard M.2 heatsink49
51 (I assume it's the controller)

Final analysis – New contender in the mid-range segment

Today we are introducing an innovative SSD for its segment, the 2280TB APACER AS4Q1, which incorporates a controller and NAND Flash memories that are new to our test bed. This device operates at PCIe Gen 4.0 and achieves remarkable performance speeds in synthetic benchmarks, reaching 5000MB/s read and 4400MB/s write. The result is the result of collaboration between two Chinese companies, Maxio Technology and Yangtze Memory Technologies, which provide essential components for this variant of the APACER AS2280Q4 model.

The MAP1602-C controller in combination with Yangtze NAND Flash memories have shown promising performance within the target segment of this product (mid-range). Despite not using cache (DRAM), this feature does not significantly compromise performance. In our tests, this SSD nearly matches another previously tested model, the HP FX900. This result is encouraging, considering that BIWIN's HP FX900 is priced higher than the product we are reviewing today.

Since this SSD does not use cache (DRAM), it is maintained in low temperature ranges, which suggests remarkable efficiency. Although some users may be concerned about not recognizing the names of the NAND Flash and controller manufacturers, we do not view this as inherently negative. The industry always benefits from the entry of new players, and against this backdrop, China is intensifying its efforts in the semiconductor arena.

Despite the fact that the local Impacto store grants a one-year warranty for this product, the brand representative assures that they will honor the three-year warranty that corresponds to the 1TB unit or up to 1650 TBW from TBW.

With more drives with this combination of controller and NAND Flash coming to market, various SSDs of similar range could face competition in terms of prices. APACER must maintain an aggressive pricing strategy, given the average consumer's tendency to favor brands recognized for their reliability and years in the market.

A concrete example would be Western Digital's SN580, which, according to reviews from other portals, would show inferior performance compared to the AS2280Q4 combination.

As a recommendation for the brand, we suggest a competitive pricing strategy and a possible revision of the marketing name, as names like AS2280Q4 can be difficult for many users to remember.

At US$67 or less, the 2280TB APACER AS4Q1 positions itself as an attractive product for the average gamer.

Final Score - APACER AS2280Q4 1TB (MAP1602-C)
  • performance
  • Temperatures
  • Guarantee
  • Price


El APACER AS2280Q4 de 1TB is positioned in a highly competitive price range, which could present challenges for existing models. The key would lie in its aggressive approach in terms of pricing strategy to attract consumers. Despite not having a DRAM cache, the impressive speeds and performance it offers are remarkable and highly relevant to the segment in which it belongs.



-Exemplary performance despite the fact that storage does not have DRAM.
-High TBW for 1TB drive.
-Comes with a gift heatsink if your motherboard does not have one.
-Highly competitive price and performance.


-3 year warranty.
-It does not have software support (important in the event that the unit requires a firmware update).

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