TESLA will recall 130 vehicles due to overheating of AMD Ryzen processors

TESLA will recall 130 vehicles due to overheating of AMD Ryzen processors

TESLA is calling for review (known as "recall" in English) to 130 thousand vehicles for review (fix them) due to overheating of CPUs in their cars, using AMD Ryzen APUs and graphs RDNA2. The excessive heat generated causes vehicle touchscreens to function improperly and has been accepted by the company that manufactures the cars.

They have not directly mentioned AMD, but the affected models are the new ones that use AMD Ryzen APU processors, Model S y Model X produced the years 2021 y 2022

The bug that affects cars could even go against passenger safety, according to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) that has pressed Tesla to request the immediate "recall" of the affected units:

“A CPU that lags or resets can prevent the center display from displaying the rear view camera image, gear selection, Windshield Visibility Control settings, and warning lights, increasing the risk of a collision.”

Tesla reported that it has not had any accidents due to this cause, but they have been aware since January, with 59 vehicle warranties to date, and will try to partially solve the problem by updating the BIOS (software).

Despite this, the company will have to collect the 130 affected vehicles to patch up the problems with the processors that overheat.

The curious thing is that these problems do not happen with old models, which use Intel Atom, because they have a lower TDP to the current AMD Ryzen APU installed in the new models.

Interestingly, there was a report that new cars using AMD processors would have a lower mileage, due to its higher consumption, which directly affects the end user, recharging the car more frequently (it is an electric vehicle).

Source: AP News

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