Reported degradation issues with Samsung 990 Pro SSDs

Reported degradation issues with Samsung 990 Pro SSDs

Although I have not tested the NVMe SSD, samsung 990 Pro, It is considered one of the best and is the current top of the range of the brand. Reports from various users, note that their drives have had an extremely fast degradation without the drive having had several GB of writes.

Normally, when one writes data to an NVMe SSD storage drive, there is some degradation, which takes years upon years with typical usage by an average user. Several users have reported this degradation even though their drives have not had much data written to them.

Several users within OCN have reported that their units have been affected by this issue for a month now and the number of users is increasing day by day. An extreme case has been reported by Twitter, where the user has had a degradation of 36% only with 2TB of data written (absolutely low).

They have not yet pronounced the mark why this occurs or if there is a possible solution for this. At best, this is a reporting error and the drive itself has no downgrade. Until you know the reason or the official statement of the brand, it is difficult to say if a user who buys this unit will be affected.

It is not the first time that users have reported problems with their NVMe SSD storage of this brand and remember that any lost storage information is not covered by Samsung or any brand that sells this type of storage.

Let's hope for a prompt response from the brand and if the problem is solvable.

Source: Tom's Hardware

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