Intel Arc A750 price drops to $249 as Intel announces performance improvements

Intel Arc A750 price drops to $249 as Intel announces performance improvements

Intel has announced the reduction of the Arc A750 video card to 249 US dollars, 30 dollars less than the original price and at the same time, improvements in its drivers. The price reduction would be global, although it is not known if the first stock to arrive in the country comes with this adjustment (hopefully).

The launch of Intel video cards has been bumpy and so far no units have officially arrived in the country, but that seems to be changing.

According to the company, the 4086 driver (the latest version available is 4091) improves performance from 10% to 77% using the mentioned driver. Intel is also touting that the frametimes of its video cards have better performance, improving the experience and smoothness when playing games like CS:GO (a title that was reported with problems).

Performance numbers of the new driver according to Intel

1080p Average FPS: Up to 77% improvement
1080p 1% LOW normalized: Up to 114% improvement
1440p Average FPS: Up to 123% improvement
1440p 1% LOW normalized: Up to 123% improvement
Added FPS improvement in DX9 titles: 43%
Added 1% LOW buff on DX9 titles: 60%

The direct competition of the Arc A750 (for Intel) is the GeForce RTX 3060 and it is what their marketing is trying to compare and convince the end user that it is the Better option.

Source: Videocardz

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