Reference models Radeon RX 7900 would have serious problems

Reference models Radeon RX 7900 would have serious problems

Remember never mix potatoes with sweet potatoes, but in this case, the Youtuber/Tech Reviewer Der8auer has been getting a lot of complaints from users with Radeon RX 7900 reference video cards and high temperatures. As of the time of the filming of his video, 48 people have sent Der8auer internal messages (quite a high amount considering that they are only messages to a press outlet) so he decided to buy four reference video cards.

In your first video, having only one sample, it would have arrived that the possible cause could be an inappropriate mounting of the heatsink or poor quality thermal paste. With a larger sample, the cause would be much worse and more difficult to solve.

The problem would be steam chamber design issues

After doing different types of tests for a week (maybe a little more), the problem becomes more apparent when the video card is installed horizontally, something that most users opt for when putting their card in a case.

Different variables were removed during testing and even the video card, which in your first video; it had been "solved", it began to have problems when it was installed horizontally.

Factors like mount pressure, thermal paste, mount elevation were ruled out, leaving only one variable:

-The vapor chamber that dissipates the GPU.

To clarify, the quality of the finish of the heat sink was not the problem either, so a flaw in the design of the vapor chamber is the cause, be it poor engineering at the time of its conception or the wrong amount that is put inside the chamber. steam at the time of manufacture. This is not known... but users who have a reference model could have serious problems.

The magnitude of the problem compared to the NVIDIA connector problem of RTX 40 cards

Until the time of NVIDIA's official pronouncement, according to the company, there were only around 70 cases globally and their conclusion was that poor end-user installation is the cause of melting 12HPWR connectors. In comparison, there are thousands of users affected by this problem who have purchased reference models directly from AMD or its business partners and since it is not an end-user problem, nor is it a software problem, it falls on a design problem from the factory.

There is still no official pronunciation from the company, but representatives of the brand had the audacity to affirm that there were no problems with video cards working at 110 degrees (something they later contradicted) when there are REAL performance problems when reaching that temperature, as well as noise generated by the fans, among others.

In the worst case, if the problem is confirmed, AMD will have to fix these problems by guaranteeing hundreds, if not thousands of video cards, which would lose money for a simple heatsink design problem.

Apparently the cake has turned for AMD, as their marketing bragged about the green company and ensured that their cards would not have problems for end users and they could be "safe" by switching to an RDNA3 7000 series graphics card. Weeks later, the prank is apparently going to cost him a thousand times more than a tweet.

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