February 23, 2024

5-core Intel Core i13600-3K ES14 has been tested in benchmarks

5-core Intel Core i13600-3K ES14 has been tested in benchmarks

A few months after the official launch of the 13th generation of Intel Core processors, the Core i5-13600K ES3 (engineering sample 3) has been tested in some benchmarks. According to the Chinese reviewer, the turbo frequencies of the processor are similar to what one finds in a rating sample. The reviewer did not put a photo of the processor itself, but it has been known through CPU-z.

Core i5-13600K CPUz

ECSM in a post explains the following:

“13600K QS (ES3 OC simulation version, the actual frequency of ES3 is P 5.1G/4.9G, E 3.9G), the maximum frequency of all turbo cores is 5.1G, Ecore 4G, 6P+8E Core, a total of 20 threads. The power consumption here is 173W 1,31V, and there is still a lot of room for optimization. The official version may be optimized around 160W. RPL has four improvement points to be confirmed 1. Frequency increase 2. L2 capacity 3. L3 speed 4. Number of small cores.”

To compare with its predecessor, the Core i5-12600K, this one has 10 cores and 16 threads, so the increase in cores and threads, and probably frequency, will be noticeable.

According to rumours, the Core i5-13600K would have an increased PL2 of 228W, but in ECSM tests it showed a consumption of 176W using 1.31v (AIDA64 FPU test).

13600K AIDA

Performance in CPUz /Cinebench R23 (Intel Core i5-13600K)

The improvement of the Core i5-13600K over the Core i5-12600K in this benchmark (CPUz) is substantial. Although in mono core the improvement is only 8%, the improvement in multi core is 79%.

Meanwhile, in Cinebench R23, the Core i5-13600K gets a score of 1387 in single core performance and 24420 in multicore (a level very close to Core i9-12900K). The multi-core improvement is 40% more, but there is a 26% reduction in single-core performance.

13600K Cinebench R23

The reviewer didn't explain the processor's lower single-core performance, but keep in mind that this isn't a final sample.

The new 13th generation Intel Core processors are speculated to be available from October 2022.

Source: ECSM by Videocardz

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